Texas men accused of theft from store facing criminal charges

While violent crimes in the state of Texas are most often discussed in the news, the reality is that theft is a crime residents of the state commonly find themselves facing accusations of. The term “theft” encompasses a variety of activities including those committed with the aid of weapons, as well as shoplifting. Because these activities run the gamut when it comes to their severity, so too do the potential consequences for a conviction.

Two men in El Paso were recently arrested for theft from a Radioshack. According to law enforcement officers, the men took several cellphone accessories, worth between $50 and $500. Though the men initially made it out of the store, based on a description of the vehicle they were driving, they were later apprehended.

One of the men accused of the theft is facing an additional criminal charge as well. When he was taken into custody he was found to be in possession of 3 ounces of marijuana. That drug charge increased the amount at which his bond was set. Presumably it would also impact the consequences that could arise should he be convicted of both crimes, as well.

It is important that all recognize that criminal charges and being held in jail waiting to post bail, is not the same as a conviction. Even when a case appears to be strong against the individuals charged, it is possible for those facing such charges to achieve a desired outcome. Most find that the best results are reached through working with a criminal defense attorney.

Source: KFOX 14, “Police: Men stole cellphone accessories from northeast Radioshack,” Jesse Martinez, Aug. 15, 2013