Investigation leads to indictment of 16 Texans

Each day individuals throughout the state of Texas are arrested and charged with drug crimes. Sometimes these charges are in state courts. Other times the charges will be at the federal level. Sixteen individuals, from the state of Texas, are all too aware of the latter. They were charged with various money laundering and drug crimes in federal court. Charges in federal court can be difficult to defend for several reasons including the many resources available to federal prosecutors.

Those accused of the crimes were indicted early this year, as a result of an investigation that was conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Internal Revenue Service, among other law enforcement agencies. The seven indictments that were recently, partially opened, allege a conspiracy to distribute the following drugs in bulk to various cities in Texas:

In addition, the indictments assert that those arrested also participated in a money laundering conspiracy involving moving money to both Mexico and Laredo.

While these federal crimes could of course result in serious consequences should a conviction be the end result, it is important to recognize that thus far the accused have only been indicted, not convicted. While an indictment sounds scary, and is a big deal, it is not the end of the story. Those who find themselves in this position may reach a desired outcome by working with a criminal defense attorney to resolve the matter. In cases where an acquittal is not possible, a reduction in the charges may be an option.

Source: Your Houston News, “16 arrested in Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force operation,” July 22, 2013