Over 3 dozen individuals charged with drug trafficking in Texas

Illicit drugs are both dangerous for one’s health and also illegal. Those accused of possessing illegal drugs face significant legal issues which can result in serious penalties, including significant amounts of time behind bars. Drug trafficking charges are even more serious. Over three dozen individuals are confronting these issues following a drug bust by authorities in Texas.

Federal prosecutors recently announced that they have charged 37 individuals over an alleged drug trafficking conspiracy. The defendants are facing criminal charges that include conspiring to possess methamphetamine with intent to distribute and sell on the black market. Thirty-two individuals have already been arrested by law enforcement, according to the latest reports released to the public.

The prosecution claims that the defendants had been planning the drug trafficking operation since 2013. The group allegedly stored smuggled drugs in stash houses as part of the supposed criminal conspiracy. Most of the defendants are from Texas, though several are from out of state.

Those facing federal drug trafficking charges in Texas will have the right to defend themselves in court. Many of the defendants may have been simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and may in fact be innocent. The very nature of the charges requires a vigorous legal defense effort that focuses on preserving the rights of each defendant while fighting for an optimal result. Depending on the strength of the prosecution’s case, some defendants may choose to explore the possibility of reaching a plea agreement in exchange for reduced charges and/or favorable sentencing considerations.

Source:, "More than 3 dozen charged in North Texas drug ring", Nov. 14, 2014