What Is the Right Approach to a Child Custody Case?

Whether you have just started your divorce process or have been separated from your former spouse for a long time, child custody can be a major source of tension between parents. Sometimes parents can come together and form an agreed visitation and custody plan, but sometimes it is just not possible. Even though there is no right or wrong between choosing contested or uncontested divorce, there is a wrong way to approach child custody cases. Our El Paso family law attorney shares some common mistakes we have seen between opposing parents and how you should approach your child custody case to benefit, not only you but your child as well.

To find out if you are approaching your child custody case appropriately, ask yourself these four questions:

What is in the best interest of your child?

You may not be able to stand your ex, but does that mean your child should never see their parent? Think about your child’s age, personality, and needs. How will custody impact them? What is best for you or what you may want is not always what is best for your child.

Does the arrangement offer stability?

Divorce is a difficult time for a child. Their whole livelihood changes. Children need stability in their daily routine, and sometimes a time-sharing plan can hinder that stability. When creating a plan, try to avoid uprooting or interrupting your child’s routine as much as possible.

Is your plan detailed?

Coming up with a custody plan can be incredibly difficult, but this is one of those things that you don’t want to “figure out as you go.” As previously stated, child custody can be a source of tension, so when building your schedule be as thorough and detailed as you can be. Hammering out the nitty-gritty details now can help avoid future disputes.

Are you staying open minded?

Going into a child custody plan with an iron-closed mindset won’t benefit anyone. When unexpected things happen, like sick days or travel delays, being flexible will benefit you and your children. Work with your former spouse as much as you can and be open to shifting the schedule when the need presents itself.

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