Repeat offender arrested for drunk driving in El Paso again

For many people in the El Paso area the thought of being arrested for drunk driving is devastating. In addition to the shame and judgment someone accused of that crime might find that he or she is facing, there are also other consequences that could arise such as fines and jail time. For those who offend once, the experience may be enough to deter them from ever finding themselves in that situation again. This is not always the case however.

An El Paso man was recently arrested for the sixth time for drunk driving. The arrests of the 29-year-old man have been spread over the course of nearly a decade, beginning in 2004. Though it is unclear just what exactly he was doing at the time of the previous arrests, this last time his car was found at a fast-food restaurant drive-through. At the time, he was asleep.

The man’s previous experiences do not seem to have affected his thoughts surrounding driving a vehicle while intoxicated . After the third time he pled guilty to the activity, he was sentenced to two years in prison. It is unclear how long he spent there or what the consequences were for the other arrests.

As is the case in any DWI case, it is a good idea for the accused to hire an attorney to try to minimize consequences and reach a result that is in the best interest of the person facing the charges. At this point the man would probably benefit the most from being enrolled in a treatment program. A criminal defense lawyer could potentially make this part of the consequences he faces.

Source: KFOX TV, “Drunken driver:  Six arrests and still on the road,” Melissa Gundersen, Nov. 5, 2013