Violent crime charges in Texas can result in serious consequences

Each day individuals living in the El Paso area find themselves facing charges in connection with violent crimes. The specific charges may take a variety of forms including aggravated assault, domestic violence and sex crimes. Depending on a variety of factors including the nature of the violent crime as well as the severity of the injuries suffered by the alleged victim, the consequences for a conviction vary.

Aggravated assault is an assault that involves the threat of violence with a weapon. It is sometimes referred to as assault with a deadly weapon. Because these charges are due to the threat of physical harm, evidence is often in the form of verbal testimony wherein accounts may be conflicting. Another matter that could be at issue in a trial is whether the weapon allegedly used in the threat is considered to be a deadly weapon under Texas law.

There may be many things behind an event that leads to domestic violence charges. These charges are often very emotional as the alleged event prompting them involves family members. The consequences for even an allegation of domestic abuse can be life-changing such as when a restraining order is filed. Things only become more serious if a conviction is obtained.

Collateral consequences are a potential possibility where sexual assault is alleged as well. A charge alone could leave many feeling labeled by society and a conviction usually results in one having to register as a sex offender. While such a registration does not mean much while someone is serving time in prison, upon release, the conditions accompanying it will have a big impact on how someone is able to live his or her life.

Because the consequences for a conviction on any of these types of violent crimes can be severe, it is important to take violent crime charges seriously. For more information regarding how to defend oneself from a violent crime allegation, please visit our assault and violent crimes page.