El Paso man not guilty of robbery, faces additional charges

Individuals facing criminal charges should realize that charges alone do not equate a conviction. An El Paso man who, was on trial for aggravated robbery, can attest to that firsthand. A jury recently acquitted the man of the charges. The prosecution alleged that the man stole a man’s vehicle by pretending to be a police officer. In reaching its decision, the jury deliberated for an entire day. While the man was likely relieved by that outcome, he must still address other, unrelated criminal charges that are pending.

These charges are tied to the man’s attempt to flee a sheriff’s detective who was attempting to arrest the man on an outstanding warrant. In the course of fleeing, the man took the detective’s vehicle. The SWAT team was eventually called in to assist and the man was arrested. In the course of the chase the man was shot in his hand.

Whether that trial will end the same way as the most recent one, remains to be seen. It is likely that the man’s recent success was in large part due to the person he hired to represent him. As the man’s previous case illustrates, a jury trial could go either way. The decisions of juries are based on a variety of factors, including the evidence provided by both sides of the case. Since the consequences one faces upon a convict could be severe, most find that it is worth the time and money to work with a lawyer who understands the criminal system.

Source: El Paso Times, “El Paso County manhunt suspect acquitted of aggravated robbery,” Adriana M. Chávez, Nov. 14, 2013