Drug raid in El Paso leads to multiple arrests

Police Detaining a Suspect

There are a variety of situations where arrests for alleged drug crimes could occur. In some cases they follow a raid. This was the case for 16 individuals who were arrested last month in several cities, including El Paso.

The raids and arrests were the product of ongoing drug investigations that were carried out by multiple agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration and various police departments. A total of 13 individuals were arrested in El Paso. According to a DEA official, those arrested are tied to drug cartels or a gang.

The specific charges those arrested face are unclear as are the type of drugs and the amounts allegedly involved. Should the charges involve drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute or conspiracy, it is likely that the penalties accompanying a conviction would be serious. Because of this, those facing such drug crimes usually find it in their best interest to work with a criminal defense lawyer who handles drug crimes.

The information uncovered in the course of the investigations conducted prior to the raids and arrests is not known either. With so many people involved it is possible individuals with little or no involvement in the alleged activities may have been arrested. While it is of course important for all individuals facing drug charges to defend themselves, it is particularly true for individuals in this type of situation.

The way in which a drug charge will be resolved depends on a variety of factors. It is possible that it could go to trial. In other situations a deal between the accused and the prosecution is reached ahead of time. The best way to proceed in such cases is dependent on each person’s individual circumstances.

Source: El Paso Times, “16 arrested in DEA, El Paso police raids,” Daniel Borunda, Nov. 14, 2013