Careless drivers can cause fatal bicycle accidents in Texas

Many Texas residents are turning to bicycles for transportation as bicycles offer both economic and health benefits. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to bicycling — danger. A recent incident clearly illustrates the dangers posed by bicycle accidents — a danger that one must consider before choosing this mode of transportation.

The incident occurred in the late afternoon in early November. According to law enforcement officials’ initial findings, a 70-year-old man was riding a bicycle at the same time that a car was traveling southbound on the same road. It is believed that the bicyclist was attempting to cross the road in front of the car when he was struck and fatally injured.

As details about the incident are still being investigated, little information has been released to the public. Currently, it is unknown whether the bicyclist was or was not wearing a helmet. It has also not yet been reported whether law enforcement cited the driver of the car. The Texas Department of Public Safety is currently continuing an investigation.

The family of the decedent is undoubtedly waiting to find out the details of the fatal bicycle accident in Texas. This may help with a certain amount of closure for the family. On the other hand, there may still be significant emotional turmoil, as well as financial hardships, that the family members will have to endure due to the loss of their loved one. Fortunately for the family’s financial future, if it is believed that the driver of the car was negligent, they, as do other families who have suffered similar losses due to bicycle accidents, have the option to file a claim for wrongful death compensation for their loss.

Source:, “70-year-old cyclist killed in Williamson County“, Oct. 28, 2014