El Paso woman accused of identity theft

While people throughout the state of Texas are arrested each day for the theft of physical objects, there are other, less tangible things that could lead to criminal charges if taken. As technology has advanced and more and more financial dealings are handled electronically, identity theft has become quite prevalent. Though this crime is committed without a threat of physical violence, the consequences for a conviction are nonetheless serious.

An El Paso woman was recently arrested for this very crime. The arrest followed an investigation that was conducted by a financial crimes investigator. The investigation allegedly uncovered that the woman was in unlawful possession of personal information for 111 individuals. Authorities charged the woman fraudulent use of possession of identifying information.

When the woman was arrested there were several items found in her possession that the prosecution could potentially use to build a case against her. These items include the following from the victims:

In addition, blank ID card and check stock and an ID printer were found.

For the best possible outcome most individuals facing these types of charges contact a criminal defense lawyer for assistance. Depending on the specifics of the case the approach taken to defend the case will vary. In some cases the best approach may be to take the case to trial. Other times however, a plea deal could result in the best possible outcome. Though there is no way to guarantee an outcome, an attorney is usually in the best position to provide options to accused individuals.

Source: KFOX 14, “Police: Identity thief had more than 100 victims,” Jesse Martinez, Jan. 23, 2014