Several charged with drug crimes related to Texas drug ring

In Texas, law enforcement takes any crimes relating to drug possession and/or trafficking very seriously. These types of offenses are punishable with significant jail time, high fines or other means. Those who are accused of all types of drug crimes will want to be aware of the potential ramifications within all aspects of their lives. This is the situation facing a number of people who have been accused of running a drug ring after a long investigation by police.

According to authorities, their investigation began around a year ago when neighbors tipped them off about a possible drug-related enterprise in a nearby home. Eventually, police say that they discovered an additional residence where drugs were being purchased. A search warrant was issued and police made several arrests.

Twenty-four people have been charged with various drug offenses, out of which 14 have been officially arrested. Officers say they discovered cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. Reportedly, the drugs were found in the possession of several of the suspects and in the home itself. The charges vary but are mostly for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. Some of the accused were already in custody when the charges were rendered.

Despite any potential evidence, all of the people charged in this case are still innocent unless and until proven guilty and have every right to defend themselves against the charges of these alleged drug crimes. Here in Texas, prosecutors will use any legal means at their disposal to obtain a conviction, so the suspects will want to have a full understanding of the charges they face. They — and others in their situation — may be able to work with prosecutors on a plea deal that would involve them pleading guilty to lesser charges, but might result in significantly less jail time or even a dismissal of some charges, dependent on their personal circumstances. In other cases, it may be more appropriate to simply contest the accusations and force prosecutors to actually prove what they have alleged.

Source:, “GCSO makes multiple arrests in undercover drug sting“, John Brannen, July 26, 2014