Falling Cargo & Car Accidents

Truck accidents happen in a wide variety of ways, and driver behavior is not always the reason. Sometimes mishaps happen outside the norm in the course of travel, and one of those prevalent accident causes is falling cargo when a load shifts away from its harness.

All shipments traveling on flatbeds must be secured and anchored properly by the loading workers at the point of origin before the driver leaves with the cargo. And for those that are not harnessed correctly, trouble can ensue while the product is en route for delivery.

One of those problems is breaking loose and falling on vehicles within close proximity. These accidents can be very complicated, and they always require the expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney when pursuing damages.

Complicated Liability Factors

Liability for accidents involving commercial trucks can often include vicarious responsibility on the part of the employing trucking company or the company ordering the transport and loading the cargo. Details of the case can be vital to proving responsibility, and both parties can be liable is some instances.

Defective product liability can also be a possibility as well in some cases. Truck drivers could also still be liable when they make driving maneuvers that may contribute to the cargo breaking free and falling.

Your personal injury attorney can then investigate the accident on your behalf and craft a case based on all material facts. And multiple negligent actors are common in a falling cargo claim.

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney

Complicated personal injury cases with multiple liable parties often include a component of the defendants arguing over the degree of liability. Trucking companies are also well-known for trying to claim some level of comparative fault for claimant drivers because both negotiating positions could result in less payout for the company.

When these negligent parties cannot agree on the amount of responsibility or they will not pay the whole damages, your personal injury attorney can take them to trial.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Just because an accident involving commercial trucks is not the result of bad driving behavior does not mean there is no legal financial recourse for damages. Having the right attorney matters because trucking companies defend these claims strongly.

Texas residents who have been in a falling cargo accident should call the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz for professional legal help.

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