What to Do If Your Child Gets a DUI

Did you get a call in the middle of the night about your child getting arrested for a DUI? Perhaps he or she arrived home hours after the ordeal took place and now you’re trying to determine what to do next.

In Texas, DUI charges are specifically reserved for minors under 21 years of age, whereas DWI charges are typically made against people over 21 years old. Fortunately, minor drivers do not face jail time if they are eventually convicted of the DUI charge. Since it is considered a Class C misdemeanor, the penalties for a conviction include probation, a fine of up to $500, driver’s license suspension for months or years, community service, and substance abuse treatment.

In addition to the criminal penalties associated with a Texas DUI, the following are the additional consequences your child may experience if convicted:

  • High financial cost. A DUI conviction can result in increased insurance premiums for a high-risk policy for years to come and high reinstatement fees before your child can have their license back.
  • Employment difficulties. A DUI conviction can be seen on a criminal record or background check, which can limit your child’s future job opportunities.
  • University sanctions. If your son is a college student, they may face more punishment from their school. A DUI conviction may invalidate certain scholarships.

If your son, daughter, or another family member is facing a DUI charge in Texas, our experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz is committed to protecting his or her rights and future. Our El Paso attorney has nearly two decades of legal experience and has successfully handled various DWI and DUI charges on behalf of our clients. We are committed to working with your child to understand the facts surrounding his or her arrest and will vigorously seek the most favorable outcome possible.

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