Texas teen could get life in prison for drug crimes

When people are convicted of offenses relating to drugs, it has the potential to change their lives forever. If the person accused happens to be a young person, a sentence of significant jail time can be even more devastating. It is important that anyone, of any age, takes accusations of drug crimes seriously in order to facilitate the best outcome possible. One young Texas man who should be thinking about his future could be facing life in prison for allegedly making brownies from marijuana and hash oil.

The 19-year-old man was arrested after a neighbor complained to law enforcement about the smell allegedly coming from his apartment. When the police were investigating, they say they weighed the brownies to determine the amount of drugs, which can influence the punishment a person could face. Weighing the entire batch of brownies, which contained THC, resulted in the young man being charged with having almost one and a half pounds of drugs.

Since police charged him with intent to sell based on the weight of the brownies, his potential punishment could be a prison term of anywhere from 10 years to life. Prosecutors say that lab results revealed that the total amount of THC was 2.5 grams, so now the young man is hopeful that his charges could be reduced, meaning he would not have to serve as much jail time — if any at all — should a conviction be secured. It is also possible that his charges could be reduced or even dismissed due to an alleged improper search of the young man’s apartment.

This young man — and anyone else in a similar situation — is still presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in the eyes of the law. It is possible that the evidence presented could lead to a reduction in the charges he is facing, or even a dismissal if the circumstances warrant. Accusations of drug crimes like this one here in Texas could drastically alter a person’s life, and it would do an accused person well to consider all of the options in order to assert one’s rights vigorously.

Source: USA Today, “Teen facing life in prison for pot brownies awaits fate“, , Aug. 7, 2014