Texas man charged for drunk driving with children in his car

It is not uncommon for citizens here in Texas to face a DWI charge at some point in their lives. When this happens, they might not be aware of just how seriously prosecutors consider these types of offenses. A person convicted of drunk driving could face fines, lose his or her license, or even be sentenced to prison. This is exactly what could happen to one man who was recently arrested and charged with DWI after he allegedly drove drunk with children riding in his vehicle.

DWI with Children in the Vehicle

According to local authorities, the accused man was pulled over for an undisclosed traffic violation. The officer attending the scene claimed he smelled alcohol in the vehicle. After administering a field sobriety test, the officer decided the man was intoxicated and arrested him for DWI. He was later taken to a local hospital and submitted to a blood-alcohol test.

There were apparently two children inside the car when the man was arrested, two aged 10 and one aged 9. Family members took custody of the children after the arrest. At this time, the man is currently in jail and has not had any bail amount set.

Defense Against DWI Charges in Elpaso

Even with the apparent evidence against this man, it is important to note that he is still presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Texas court of law. He has every right to defend himself against these charges of drunk driving. Those who find themselves in a similar situation may want to consider any and all options available to them in order to facilitate the best outcome possible under their personal circumstances.

Source:, “DPS: Lufkin man drove drunk with 3 kids, ages 10 and under“, Gary Bass, Aug. 8, 2014