Shooting leads to arrest of Texas man

Being charged with any crime can potentially seriously impact the life of the accused. This is because depending on the type of charges, it is possible that the consequences will be severe and have a lasting impact. For this reason, individuals charged with violent crimes need to take action to protect their rights as quickly as possible. Doing so could have a positive effect on the outcome of the criminal case.

A man who was recently arrested by El Paso police for allegedly shooting another individual has likely taken such steps. The man was arrested after he reportedly shot another person at a location in the Lower Valley. The individual who was shot was injured in the incident and taken to an area hospital for treatment. The severity of those injuries is unknown.

Regardless of the criminal charge an individual is facing, it is important for those facing such charges to recognizing that being charged with a crime is not the same thing as being convicted of it. There are several steps, including a trial and a guilty verdict, that need to be gone through before someone charged with a crime will have to face any consequences. In the best cases the accused will be acquitted at trial.

Charges connected to violent crimes involving weapons need to be taken very seriously. Because, among other things, years of prison could be on the line, working with a criminal defense lawyer to defend oneself against the matters is the best way to proceed for most.

Source: El Paso Times, “El Paso Police arrest 1 person in connection with shooting in Lower Valley (updated),” Alex Hinojosa, July 20, 2013