Handling Insurance Companies After an Accident

Auto accidents are frustrating and annoying to deal with, and handling insurance companies don’t make it easier. However, the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz is here to help you deal with insurance companies after going through an auto accident.

Understanding the Goal of Insurance Companies

The first thing to remember about insurance companies is that they are not on your side; they exist to make money. Unfortunately, all that talk about protecting you and your interests goes out the window the moment you’re involved in an auto accident. In short, when you get in an auto accident, your insurance company no longer sees you as a client, but as a liability.

Therefore, you need to see your insurance company (and the insurance companies of others involved in the accident) as a threat to you and your recovery. Once you understand this, it’s much easier to handle them appropriately.

Don’t Give Statements to Insurance Companies

Remembering that insurance companies are against you; you should never give a statement directly to an insurance company about your accident. If you handled the accident correctly, you were interviewed by the police who took down your comments and put them into a police report. Insurance companies have direct access to police reports, which means they don’t need a statement from you.

The only reason insurance companies gather direct statements from those involved in accidents is to shift blame from the facts written in police reports. Therefore, you should always assume that an insurance company looking for a statement is looking for a testimony that pins the accident on you.

Don’t Take an Offer Without Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

Remembering that insurance companies exist to make money, it’s a good idea to never sign an offer from an insurance company without consulting a personal injury attorney first. An experienced car accident attorney can examine your case and determine if the offer makes sense given the circumstances of the accident.

If you’re worried that talking to a personal injury attorney will cost you money, there’s no need to fear! The Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz offers free consultations for all personal injury claims. Therefore, there is no harm in talking to us before signing the dotted!

Call (915) 308-8850 now for a free consultation concerning your auto accident!

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