Texas school bus driver accused of drunk driving

Those who are accused of driving while intoxicated likely know just how seriously these crimes are taken by law enforcement. What they may not be aware of is the potential for harsher punishments due to other circumstances around the incident. For example, those convicted of drunk driving while a minor is riding in their vehicle could see higher fines, longer periods of probation or even more severe jail sentencing. This could be the case facing one Texas school bus driver, who was recently arrested for driving her school bus after allegedly consuming alcohol.

Authorities say that the incident happened on a recent afternoon when the school bus driver was taking children home after the school day. A resident of the area called police, saying that the school bus had run over a mailbox. The local county sheriff’s office arrested the bus driver on suspicion of driving drunk. There is no word yet on whether any tests results are said to confirm that she was intoxicated.

Children who were riding on the bus say that the driver also struck a fire hydrant and a few trees before the event was over. They were taken home by another vehicle after the incident had ended. No one was injured, though the bus did suffer some damage when the driver allegedly struck a curb and tree branch. At this time, her identity has not been released.

Depending on the outcome of this bus driver’s case, she could be facing very serious punishment due to the delicate nature of her job — transporting minor children. It is important to note that she, and others who face drunk driving charges, are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in the eyes of the law. She will be given the opportunity to present her defense in a Texas court and answer to any evidence that may be presented against her.

Source: NBC DFW, “School Bus Driver Faces DUI Charge After Wreck“, Oct. 17, 2014