Woman on parole faces Texas drug crimes again after car crash

People are only human, which means they are often prone to making mistakes. Sometimes, people even make the same mistakes several times. Texas authorities say that this was the case with one woman who was recently charged with drug crimes for the second time after a deputy was killed in a car crash.

The first time the woman was arrested and subsequently convicted of possessing methamphetamine, and now she is facing the same charge of possession of a controlled substance following this recent car crash. Reportedly, the woman crashed her SUV into a police cruiser traveling in the opposite direction. The SUV crossed over from the westbound lane into oncoming traffic, crashing head-on into the deputy’s vehicle.

This caused the deputy’s car to spin out counter-clockwise into a drainage ditch on the side of the road. The woman’s car ended up in the center of an intersection. The 32-year-old deputy died after being removed from his vehicle and airlifted to a local hospital.

The police say they discovered methamphetamine in the 29-year-old woman’s possession. It was reported that the woman is currently on parole after being released from prison earlier in October. She was originally sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to drug charges in March. 

Now, the woman will have to defend herself against accusations that she committed the same drug offense twice in Texas. It is not clear if additional charges may be filed against her with regard to the fatal crash and/or with respect to any claim of a parole violation. Clearly, the fact that she was recently convicted of drug crimes and is still on parole with respect to the prior incident will only complicate her current proceedings. Of necessity, she must focus — alongside her defense counsel — on the specifics of the prosecution’s current accusations in order to make certain her legal rights are protected while fighting for a resolution that is in her own best interests.

Source:, “Parolee charged in crash that killed deputy in northeast Harris County“, Nakia Cooper, Oct. 29, 2014