Consumers: watch out for illegal drugs sold on

Have you ever ordered anything on Chances are that many of our readers have. What would you do if you ordered an item on Amazon that you later came to discover was illegally obtained. Pretty surprised, and perhaps scared, likely! And yet this does happen, more than consumers might think.

At present, consumers are able to hop on the online retailer’s website and access numerous products through third-party sellers. Some of these sellers are located in other countries, and some of them are selling drugs illegally. Not only have muscle relaxants and prescription antibiotics been sold illegally on Amazon, but also anabolic steroids and stimulants. 

The Food and Drug Administration, which would be responsible for looking into Amazon’s business practices, apparently has yet to really tackle the issue. The flow of illegal drugs, though, is not something authorities are going to turn a blind eye to, and consumers could get caught in the middle of it. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it is said, is unlikely to prosecute consumers for purchasing such products overseas, in part because many consumers don’t even know what they are purchasing is illegal. Still, one can imagine a scenario where authorities accuse a consumer of participating in illegal drug trafficking. It isn’t that far-fetched of a scenario.

Obviously, those who are faced with criminal charges involving illegal drugs or illegally obtained prescription drugs have need of strong criminal defense. Whenever one faces federal investigation, the stakes are high and the expertise of a criminal defense attorney is indispensible. 

Source: Slate, “Amazon’s Illegal Drug Dealing,” Ford Vox, May 29, 2014.