Car theft can lead to serious consequences in the state of Texas

Navigating the criminal justice system is a daunting task for most individuals who find themselves in that position. Three men recently arrested in El Paso for auto theft are experiencing it firsthand. The men are accused of stealing at least two vehicles earlier this month.

The vehicles police say the men were successful in stealing are both 2012 Chevrolet Silverados. The type and age of the vehicle is relevant since theft charges in the state of Texas are based upon the value of the property stolen. Taking anything that is worth over $1,400 results in a felony charge.

Two of the men were charged with theft in connection with engaging in organized criminal activity. One of those individuals was also charged with theft over $20,000 – under $100,000. The third suspect was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Law enforcement has indicated it is possible that additional charges could be filed against the men as well.

Though specifics regarding the arrests are not clear, it is known that they were the result of an ongoing investigation run by the El Paso Auto Theft Task Force.

If these men have not already, they will probably contact a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. This is because if convicted, in addition to large fines, the men could spend years behind bars. Even if a lawyer is unable to secure a not guilty verdict for a case that individual may be able to help convicted individuals face less serious consequences.

Source: KFOX 14, “3 arrested in connection to vehicles stolen in northeast El Paso neighborhood,” Jamel Valencia, Feb. 26, 2014