Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Money laundering alone is a serious criminal offense. With other charges (such as drug offenses), the consequences immediately become much more serious. It takes the skills, knowledge and attention of an experienced attorney who can fully protect your interests to defend such charges.

Since 1998, defense lawyer Ruben Ortiz has been representing professionals and other individuals facing white collar crime charges in both state and federal court. He maintains a proven track record and is an aggressive advocate for his clients.

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Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering, or having an interest in a transaction that contributes to criminal activity, is a serious crime in Texas. While all consequences are significant, they increase significantly with the amount of money that is involved in the situation.

You could even be convicted of money laundering in Texas if you were unaware of involvement in the transaction, so it is imperative you have a solid defense lawyer working on your behalf, right from the start. Ruben Ortiz has a favorable track record handling money laundering cases, as well as ones involving drug crimes, theft, conspiracy and embezzlement. As your defense lawyer, he is committed to helping protect your future, rights and liberties.

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