Embezzlement occurs when money or property is stolen by a person with a fiduciary relationship to the victimized party. It is possible to embezzle money or property from an employer, a family member, a client, the government, an institution or organization. A conviction for embezzlement can be very serious and will make it difficult to get jobs, housing and financial aid in the future.

At the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, we understand that theft crimes such as embezzlement can ruin a person’s career and reputation. You need a strong defense to fight the charges and protect your future. If your case includes charges of forgery, or mail or wire fraud, you may be facing federal charges. Attorney Ortiz can defend you in Texas state and federal courts.

We Will Thoroughly Investigate The Case Against You

Embezzlement is considered a white collar crime. These can be extremely complex cases that may include state and federal charges. Make sure your attorney has the experience and skill to defend you in federal court because it has a different set of regulations and procedures.

As with other types of fraud, the prosecutor must prove fraudulent intent in order to get a conviction for embezzlement. In some cases, there are valid defenses to embezzlement charges, including:

  • Mistakes in bookkeeping or accounting
  • Misinterpretation of records, financial statements or accounting
  • Defendant planned to return the money or property in the future
  • Belief that defendant had a right to possess the money or property
  • Belief that owner had given consent to possess the money or property

Many people charged with embezzlement did not think their actions were criminal. We will investigate the case and determine how best to defend you against the charges.

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