Human Trafficking / Transporting

Human Trafficking/Transporting

Alien smuggling/transporting is a seriously prosecuted crime. In many situations, those committing the offense are doing it to protect a loved one or bring their family together. Whether the situation you are involved in includes transporting an alien, drug crimes or another federal offense, one thing’s for certain — you need someone strongly representing your interests.

Attorney Ruben Ortiz is a well-respected defense attorney who represents individuals facing border/bridge crimes, federal criminal offenses and more. Since 1998, he has been fighting for people throughout Texas. He is an aggressive trial lawyer who exhausts all causes before negotiating a plea bargain, and will do whatever is necessary to protect your rights.

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Alien Smuggling/Transporting Of Aliens/Human Trafficking And Transporting

Bringing undocumented workers and other individuals into the U.S. is very serious criminal offense. People who help aliens cross the border, house them and help them get work could face a federal criminal charge. Federal crimes have mandatory minimum sentencing (which includes prison) and it is often difficult to get sentencing reduced or minimized.

Mr. Ortiz is relentless when fighting for people facing federal criminal offenses. He takes a thorough approach to building a defense case and looks out for his clients’ families. You’re in good hands at the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz.

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