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A criminal record can greatly limit your career opportunities and can affect many other areas of your life, such as your ability to obtain housing, college admission and loans. If your case has been dismissed or you were found not guilty, a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can help you have the charge removed from your record through expungement. If you were convicted of a crime and you have successfully completed probation, you may be able to prevent the public from seeing the charge on your record through a petition for nondisclosure.

At the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, we have helped many clients move forward with their lives and make a fresh start after a criminal charge.

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Expunge Your Criminal Record

Expungement erases all records of a criminal charge. If we are successful in obtaining an expungement for you, no one will ever know about the previous charge - not even the police or judges.

Nondisclosure is different than expungement in that it essentially seals the record of your charge to members of the public. This can be extremely useful when applying for a job, housing or college admission. Nondisclosure is typically granted when you have successfully completed probation, counseling drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or another aspect of your judgment.

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