Search & Seizure Issues

Search and Seizure Issues

Police officers are given certain liberties in the investigation, pursuit and arrest of those suspected of drug crimes. However, this does not give law enforcement officials the authority to do whatever they please in order to “make the case.” Unfortunately, illegal police tactics are still used every day, and many times these instances involve search and seizure violations.

With very few exceptions, police need probable cause and/or a court-issued warrant to search for drugs in your car, your home, your property or on your person. When law enforcement officers do not follow these rules, they violate an individual’s constitutional rights. If you were the victim of an illegal search and seizure and were subsequently charged with a drug crime, the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz can help.

Were You A Victim Of Illegal Search And Seizure In Texas?

Attorney Ruben Ortiz has been serving the El Paso community since 1998. He is widely regarded for his passionate defense of clients who face criminal charges. When our clients have been victimized through illegal search and seizure, attorney Ortiz aggressively protects their rights and fights to exclude any evidence that was illegally obtained. Most times this results in dropped charges. However, if the prosecutors insist on using the illegally obtained evidence, attorney Ortiz is fully prepared for battle in the courtroom.

After being arrested for a drug crime, you need to find out if your rights were violated through illegal search and seizure. Let us help you understand your rights and fight for your future.

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