Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

Drug Possession Intent To Distribute

Police and prosecutors will try anything to increase the severity of your drug charge. Often, what should be a simple possession charge ends up as possession with intent to distribute, based on one small factor. At the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, we know that
drug charges are serious legal matters with potentially severe consequences. Our number one goal in every case is to get the charges against our client dismissed, if possible.

Attorney Ruben Ortiz will protect your rights and fight for you in the courtroom. We go to trial to win.

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Sierra Blanca Marijuana Possession Lawyer

If the police catch you with a controlled substance, such as marijuana or cocaine, you could be charged with possession with intent to distribute, depending on the amount of the drug you’re holding, the way the drug was packaged and other factors. Charges and penalties are largely based on the quantity involved.

At the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, we will conduct a thorough investigation, interview witnesses and carefully examine the police work. If there are any weaknesses in the state’s case, we can use them to your advantage to bring down your possession with intent to distribute charge or have it dismissed if possible. We are familiar with all drug misdemeanor and felony charges, including
drug trafficking/transporting, and we can defend you no matter what you are facing.

Before you discuss your arrest with the police, contact the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz for a free consultation. You have the right to an attorney.

You don’t have to accept your charge. Fighting a drug charge can keep your criminal record clean and prevent you from going to prison and dealing with hefty fines and other penalties.

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