Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing

Manufacturing, cultivating and selling illegal drugs are very serious offenses that can amount to felony convictions. Every manufacturing case is unique, and it’s up to your defense attorney to successfully represent your interests.

The Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz is led by an experienced team and highly skilled trial lawyer. Ruben Ortiz has been representing people in El Paso since 1998 and has a successful record of fighting drug charges, including manufacturing, conspiracy, trafficking and transporting.

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Drug Manufacturing, Money Laundering, Trafficking And Related Crimes

When a drug bust happens, the next step for those involved is to retain experienced legal counsel. With big operations, the prosecution will often try to slap on multiple charges, including money laundering, drug conspiracy, theft or gun/weapons offenses. With multiple charges, the stakes are much higher and the accused needs an aggressive legal advocate.

Ruben Ortiz is a true trial lawyer with extensive experience handling drug crimes throughout Texas. From big manufacturing and trafficking cases to possession charges involving large quantities of drugs, he has the track record you are seeking. With every case he works toward a dismissal. If the case cannot be dismissed, he is fully ready to advocate for you in trial.

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