DWI Causing Injury

DWI with Serious Bodily Injury / Intoxication Assault

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While being arrested for a DWI is bad enough, being charged for a DWI causing serious bodily injury is even worst. Typically, the prosecutors and judges are considerably harsh when approaching these type of cases due to the negative stigma and negligence surrounding driving while drinking or drugged.

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Penalties for Intoxication Assault

According to Texas Penal Code Section 49.07, a person is guilty of intoxication assault when they cause serious bodily injury to another individual as a result of intoxication. Serious bodily injury is defined by Texas law as any personal injury which causes a protracted impairment or loss of the function of any organ or bodily member, or creates a significant risk of fatality. DWI with serious bodily injury is a third degree felony, which is punishable by a prison sentence between two and ten years and a fine of up to $10,000.

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