Blood Draws & DWI

Blood Draws and DUI

There Is No Option For DWI Blood Test Refusal…

If you are pulled over and suspected of drunk driving, the police will ask you to take a Breathalyzer test. In the past, you could refuse the test and deal with the consequences of refusal. However, the laws in El Paso have changed. Now, if you refuse a Breathalyzer, the police can request a warrant to draw and test your blood for alcohol.

As citizens, we are all obligated to respect the new blood draw rules. However, the police must operate within the parameters of the law as well. This means if you were forced to give a blood sample due to suspected DUI, the police must follow strict protocol in obtaining a warrant, drawing the blood, testing the blood and recording the results. If any step is not executed according to procedure, you can challenge the evidence and request it be thrown out.

…But We Can Challenge The Legality Of The Test

At the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, we are here to protect the rights of those accused of DWI. As experienced criminal defenders, we know that police can often intentionally or mistakenly sidestep protocol to obtain the evidence they need for conviction. When this happens, it grossly violates the rights of the accused. United States laws do not tolerate this type of violation, and neither do our lawyers.

If you have been subject to a DWI blood draw, contact our Texas law firm to discuss your case. We may be able to obtain the evidence necessary to have your charges dropped. However, in the event the blood draw was done according to the rules, we are still equipped to help you mitigate the consequences of your DWI.

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