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The outcome of a homicide or murder case can mean the difference between life in prison and walking away from the situation. Your choice in an attorney is not only an important decision, but one that should only be made after very careful consideration. You need someone with a proven track record and someone who is not afraid to take a case to trial.

At the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, we recognize how important your future is and are fully committed to aggressively representing your interests in the courtroom. Attorney Ruben Ortiz has a favorable track record with murder, homicide and other assault/violent crimes, and is a trial lawyer at heart. He is respected in the courtroom and knows what needs to be done to reach a favorable outcome in his defense cases.

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Homicide And Murder Cases

Homicide defense attorney Ruben Ortiz handles cases involving:

One of the key elements to prove in the murder case is whether or not the defendant knowingly and recklessly committed the crime. This can be very difficult, but Ruben Ortiz has a solid track record and can call expert witnesses to the stand to support his defense case. You will receive his full attention during your entire case and relentless fighting on your behalf.

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